Thursday, January 15, 2015

Sub Noir Brewing Company

Last night my girlfriend and I headed over to Sub Noir Brewing Company for the first time, while also meeting some of the 919 beer crew.  The 919 Beer Team is a group dedicated to "building, engaging, educating, and resourcing the local craft beer community" here in the 919 area code.  Their website, social media accounts, and events have been a great way to get involved in the craft beer community, especially for someone like myself who has only been here since June.  This past September, they organized Beericana, one the most fun and best run beer festivals I have attended.  They also have a podcast that I really enjoy.  Each month they hold an event called Taste the Triangle.  The January event took us to Sub Noir Brewing Company.

For $10, you got a tour, a pint, and a glass to take home.  The owner/brewer and his wife gave us some great insight to how this place got started, and answered many questions from the crowd.  Sub Noir is tucked in a small office space off Wake Forest Rd, with all the brewing done in-house.  The owner described his brewing setup as "homebrewing on steroids."  They are in the very early stages with no bottling and very little keg distributing, but expansion is already in the works.  They have acquired the office space next door to open their tap room up, and mentioned they hope to have some kind of distribution by this summer.

As far as the beer goes, my first pint was their D-Bag Double IPA.  It was a very solid DIPA, but for being listed as 100+ IBUs, I was expecting more of a punch from the hops.  It had a nice sweetness to it to balance it out.  My girlfriend had the Eccentrica Ginger Tripel.  Finally, I tried the Zee Count, a chocolate stout brewed with Count Chocula and aged on Videri cocoa nibs.  I'm a sucker for Halloween cereals so naturally I was drawn to this beer.  I will pay literally tens of dollars for a Frankenberry beer.  On second thought, there is no way that wouldn't be a disaster.

(photo cred to blrea)

Taste the Triangle was a great opportunity to get an inside look at a local brewery, while meeting some new friends as well.  We tapped out a little early to see the Wolfpack fall short against the Tar Heels.  Sub Noir is a unique place and a great addition to the craft beer scene here in the triangle.  The brewer mentioned his favorite style is sours and that's what he hopes to expand on in the future.  I always like to hear when brewers put the most effort into brewing what they enjoy, not necessarily what they think they can sell.  I'm looking forward to see what they do with expansion in distribution in 2015!

2039 Progress Court
Raleigh, NC 27608

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