Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I've Made a Huge Mistake

After a few years hiatus during grad school, I decided to subscribe to Runner's World again.  I don't usually take much away from it for my running, but I enjoy reading it.  Yesterday I got my first issue in the mail, and just in time for some great tips to help me start running.

Now I remember why I always preferred Running Times.  Thanks again, Jogger's World.

Friday, August 21, 2015

LunarGlide 6 Revisited + Training Update

I bought the LunarGlide 6 back in March and was a little skeptical at the time.  Now, about 600 miles in, I will say they are the best running shoes I have owned.  The durability and weight of them made a great everyday trainer.  I wasn't sure how many miles I would get out of them and saw some mixed opinions online.  Over the past few weeks, however, I have noticed the rate of wear and tear is starting to increase.  Even this week, they were starting to feel a little worn to me.  I probably waited a little long but it's time for new shoes.

I think we have some great local running stores here in Raleigh and like to make all my running shoes and gear purchases with them rather than a large chain or online.  Given how much I love these shoes, of course I want the recently released LunarGlide 7.  The problem has been finding them.  None of the local shops have them.  I'm sure it's tough for the local guys to get these new releases from big companies, so I shouldn't have been surprised.  Normally I would wait until they have them, but given the little life remaining in my 6's, I can't.  I ordered them online today, hoping that if I buy a second pair of these shoes after a few hundred miles, I can buy them locally.

As far as my training goes, I'm training toward a Thanksgiving Day 5k, hoping to lower my time from Got Grit.  I'm well into Phase II of Daniels' 5k to 10k in the Third Edition.  I had more than a few bumps in the road training for my last 5k and have been much more consistent this time around.  I'm currently at 35 miles per week and have been hitting some great workouts.  Today I ran a 3 mile tempo in the middle of a 7 mile run hitting 6:15, 6:21, and 6:16.  It felt very smooth and gave me a lot of confidence.  I've been very focused on hitting the full workout, putting in the weekly miles, and being consistent.  Coming up on Phase III of the program when the workouts really ramp up, I think I may not go higher than 35 miles per week in this training cycle to avoid nearly burning myself out like I did in the spring.

Beyond Thanksgiving, given how this race and training go, I'm eyeing up the Tar Heel 10 Miler in April.  I think the timing will work out for me, giving me a chance to up my mileage a bit more in the winter and transition into a training plan for a 10 mile race.