Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Training Update

I am now several weeks into Phase III of Daniels' plan, and my fitness has improved a lot.  I've read a a lot of online posts about people struggling in Phase III, feeling the workouts may be a bit much.  I have been very conscious of this, keeping my weekly mileage the same and the workouts reasonable.

My past 7 weeks of workouts.

  • 9.7.15 - 9.13.15
    • Q1 - 5x800m w/ 2 min rest @ avg. 2:57
    • Q2 - 4x1mi w/ 1 min rest @ avg. 6:18
  • 9.14.15 - 9.20.15
    • Q1 - 5x800m w/ 2 min rest @ avg. 2:52
    • Q2 - 3mi tempo @ avg. 6:23
  • 9.21.15 - 9.27.15
    • Q1 - 5x800m w/ 2 min rest @ avg. 2:53
    • Q2 - 4x1mi w/ 1 min rest @ avg. 6:10
  • 9.28.15 - 10.4.15
    • Q1 - 4x1000m w/ 3 min rest @ avg. 3:37
    • Q2 - 3 mi tempo @ avg. 6:12
  • 10.5.15 - 10.11.15
    • Q1 - 4x1000m w/ 3 min rest @ avg . 3:35
    • Q2 - 4x1mi w/ 1 min rest @ avg. 6:17
      • This workout was tough.  From the first step I felt sluggish.  While I completed the Q1 this week, I think I pushed a little too hard and felt it later in the week.
  • 10.12.15 - 10.18.15
    • Q1 - 4x1000m w / 3 min rest @ avg. 3:37
      • It doesn't look like much of a difference but slowing up ever so slightly from last week made a big difference.  I kept my form through all the reps and tried hard to run my intervals evenly this week.  This one felt great.
    • Q2 - 3 mi tempo @ avg. 6:11
  • 10.19.15 - Current
    • Q1 - 5x800m w/ 2 min rest @ avg 2:49
Finally, I have reached the last week of Phase III.  It has been a grind.  This week I went back to the 800s as I wanted to gauge where I was compared to the beginning of September.  I hadn't run Monday or Tuesday this week, as I worked back to back 12 hour shifts and just couldn't get out the door in the morning.  Naturally I was a little sluggish for this workout but once I warmed up it felt great.  I ran the last rep a little fast, 2:46, but it felt so good to finish off a workout that strong.  Looking back, I ran these reps at an average of 8 seconds faster than I did when I started Phase III.

I'll be running another 5k next weekend in Wake Forest.  Right now, I am definitely not at full strength because of the grind of this phase of workouts.  I'll run a light tempo session early in the week, and take it easy up until the race on Saturday.  Even with not being fully rested, I still expect to take a chunk of time off my 5k from May.

Looking back at that race, my mile splits were 5:33, 6:11, and 6:19.  Awful.  I think if you drop me right now at the start of the second mile of that race, I could go at least 6:05, 6:05, ideally 6:00, 6:00.  My workouts indicate I could be close to 18:00.  I'm not sure what goal to have for this race, but I'm thinking 18:30.  If I can cut off 10+ seconds from May, just coming off Phase III, I'd be happy with that.  Then, with another month of Phase IV and easing up a bit, even faster for a Turkey Trot as my goal race.