Sunday, April 24, 2016

Base Week 2

Two weeks of base building down.  Many to go.  I kept the mileage at 33 this week.  My long run of 10 miles was a bit faster this week.  I had a strong finish similar to last week, but was a lot stronger in the middle miles.  I felt great all the way through, but after I finished I thought I may have gone a little faster than necessary.  I felt great the next day, and still haven't done any workouts so recovery was not a problem.

The best part of my week was running at 6 AM three times this week before 12 hour shifts at work.  I've really struggled to run before work over the past year, and running after standing for 12 hours sucks.  Sticking to that will be huge in getting my miles up.  After two weeks of 33 miles on 6 runs, I'll increase to 36 this week.

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