Monday, May 16, 2016

Base Week 5

This past week was my second straight at 39 miles. The fatigue I felt last week went away, and I had a great week. My 11 mile long run felt much better than last week. The last few miles were really  smooth and I had a ton left in the tank when I finished. 

Five weeks of base training down! I haven't done any tempos yet but planning to throw in some sprints this week and increase my mileage to 42.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Base Week 4

After my long run Thursday, I opted to take my off day on Friday rather than Sunday. It worked out well working 12 hours on Friday. I ran a great 7+ miles on Saturday morning. I ran low 7:xx for most of the run and eased my thoughts about over doing it too much. I finished up the week today at just under 40 miles. I'll look to keep my mileage at 39 again this week, keeping an eye on my fatigue level, and hopefully increasing to above 40 miles the following week. One month of base training down.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Long Run Today

I felt pretty drained today.  I still ran a decent pace, but 10 seconds slower per mile than the same route last week, and labored more this week.  For the first time in the base training I think I am feeling the increased miles.  This is my heavy work week, so a lot of time standing plays as role as well.  The past couple long runs I've had some minor stomach problems, so I cut back my breakfast today but then of course I was starving at the end.

I'll run a very easy 3-4 miles recovery tomorrow and finish the week around 39 miles.  I'll give myself another week to adjust to the mileage by keeping it at 39 again next week, then reevaluate if I'm ready to increase again above 40 the following week.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Base Week 3

I increased my mileage to 36 and change this week, up from 33 last week.  I ran 6 times, including 2 down at Oak Island this weekend while we were at the beach.  I increased my long run to 11 this week, averaging 7:22/mile, slightly slower than my 10 last week.  My splits were more even this week, running the last few miles just above 7:00 each.  My early runs before work continue to get better as well.  I'm feeling really great so far, and will increase to 39 miles this week.