Monday, June 13, 2016

Base Weeks 6 - 9

In the 4 weeks of training since my last post my mileage has been : 42.5, 45.14, 34.57, and 41.38. In week 8 I decided to take a down week for some recovery. My legs have felt pretty good, but I was feeling some fatigue. Now that I'm up over 40 miles and have starting alternating a tempo and 100s on the track every week, I thought a slight down week for some recovery would go a long way. I was hoping to have a higher total last week, finishing with only 41 miles and change. The heat really picked up this past weekend, and I cut my runs short on both Saturday and Sunday. I had no answer for a heat index of 99 and will need some time to adjust to it.

For my run this morning it was only around 80 and I felt much better.  Today I ran 9+ with a 3 mile tempo at 6:13, 6:15, and 6:06. As for racing, my goal half will be the Bull City Race Fest in Durham on October 12. My plan is to start Pfitz's 12 week half plan from Faster Road Racing in the second half of July, giving me just over a month to finish out my base.